Monday, April 05, 2010

Tamale and Zongzi


This evening as a part of Easter holiday,  Maria of Maria and Isabel Housekeeping Service, gave me some Mexican food called Tamale to try.  When I saw it,  I was so struck by the look of it, and it immediately conjured in me an image of Zongzi that we eat during Duanwu Festival that falls on the fifth of May on Chinese calendar (And about Zongzi in Chinese here. )

Having a background in the study of anthropology, I sensed that the tamali is an ritual food item, made and shared among the family or members of a community, just like the Chinese counterpart. I also learned that the making of Tamale goes back to several thousand years to the native American culture with whom I feel we share a lots of cultural similarity, for instance, of paying respect to family ancestors and nature.

What a small world.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting My ...

Occaisionally I navigate to the Foreign Policy magazine section to glance through some articles but sometimes I came out with some funny Youtube music video as in this case.  Watch and enjoy.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Connie and Richard

Today, I had two visitors for curry dinner at my place. They are Connie and Richard.
Connie is a well known person in Dubuque. Her partner Richard is from UK and conducts great conversation.
She left three books with me.  And I would like to share the books with Sue Residents.  These books can be a great introduction to those of us who came from out of the states.  I have placed the books at the 2nd floor lounge located at 1020 university Ave.  Come and enjoy reading about the past Dubuque, thanks to Connie and Richard.

image                            image 

Many of the Sue Residents are already familiar with Maria
who also stopped by to get the curry that I made. Maria has added some extra services for Sue Residents.  Check her out at Maria & Isabel’s Special HouseKeeping Service page.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is a Moving Season: Fear of Landlords Heightens

It is inevitable that there always exist perception gaps between what tenants expect of landlord and the vice verse.  From landlords’ point of view, the most challenging aspect of running apartment rental business is the relationship management with tenants.  People of all walks of life drops by and landlords hope to welcome those strangers who can stay peacefully without much problem.  Just as equally, landlords hope to go through the transition of tenant’s moving out experience as painlessly as possible. But once in a while, we get some tenants who leave us wondering why things happen and end in this way: I mean the trashing of apartments and disappearance into the darkness, leaving us to sort things out alone and bring a renewed urgency of order.  It can be some kind of experience for a newly initiated landlord.  Following are some pictures that I have collected over a period of one year.  Just a food for thought and be prepared mentally in time of moving season. 


<End in Peace———————————————


———————————————End in Peace> 

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Started: Sue Residece as your Home Away from Home.

Thank you for choosing Sue Residence as your Home Away from Home! This entry contains helpful resources to get you started with living in Dubuque and the Dubuque Community.

Apartment Maintenancel Support:

All apartment maintenance support is handled through on our site manager, Robert. Robert will respond to issues raised in a timely manner. Please contact him by scheduling an appointment.

Learning resources:

Coming Soon!Getting Started Guide To Dubuque
Coming Soon!What it means to be a good tenant for Landlord

Additional References:

Coming Soon!Dubuque City Guide
Coming Soon!Faq
If you need to have your apartment cleaned and refreshed, please consider our Maria’s Magic Clean Maid Service. You can also place a request on our Inquiry & Request if you prefer to communicate the needs first.
Love Sue Residence Apartment Living?  Help spread the word and accumulate some benefits with our Rewards Coupons. Please call Robert at (563)513-3700 for details.

See you on the Sue Residence Site,

Sue Residence Team

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