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Tamale and Zongzi This evening as a part of Easter holiday,  Maria of Maria and Isabel Housekeeping Service, gave me some Mexican food called Tamale to try.  When I saw it,  I was so struck by the look of it, and it immediately conjured in me an image of Zongzi that we eat… sue_residence 04/05/10 0
Another Hilarious Video I Encountered Another Funny Video I encountered reading the Atlantic Monthly.  Watch and enjoy! sue_residence 03/27/10 0
Kung Fu Fighting My ... Occaisionally I navigate to the Foreign Policy magazine section to glance through some articles but sometimes I came out with some funny Youtube music video as in this case.  Watch and enjoy. sue_residence 03/27/10 0
Connie and Richard Today, I had two visitors for curry dinner at my place. They are Connie and Richard. Connie is a well known person in Dubuque. Her partner Richard is from UK and conducts great conversation. She left three books with me.  And I would like to share the books with Sue… sue_residence 03/26/10 0
A Song that Impresses Landlord like Me This music video sung by a well known artist, Joey Yung, reminds me of some tenants in the past.  I am referring to a business woman with two children from Taiwan, who stayed with us for a year.  It always amazes me how a mother with full time job back… sue_residence 03/24/10 0
Stumbled upon a Song about Spring! Enjoy! I just came across a song about spring season from China, when I visited the Chinese Youtube Channel. It is quite timely.  And the lyric and the singer’s voice very beautiful.  Hope you also enjoy.  Here is the rough translation of the lyric by the same author: 《感谢春天》歌词 - Thank… sue_residence 03/24/10 0
Spring is a Moving Season: Fear of Landlords Heightens It is inevitable that there always exist perception gaps between what tenants expect of landlord and the vice verse.  From landlords’ point of view, the most challenging aspect of running apartment rental business is the relationship management with tenants.  People of all walks of life drops by and landlords hope… sue_residence 03/21/10 0
One more thing that I miss dearly when spring is around here The same picture in a different mode.  She told me that she passed the college exam that would allow her to study at the oldest finance institute of Moscow, which I am naturally very proud of. sue_residence 03/18/10 0
Spring is here and I miss my garden in Fukuoka Japan It feels like spring season is around the corner today in Dubuque.  A warm weather reminds me of the garden deck I used to have in my house; small but cozy and surrounded by green everywhere: see above the pictures of what I means. It looks very American in some… sue_residence 03/16/10 0
Get Some Laugh out of these Crazy Photos What the hell is going on in the way of using electricity? It’s been too cold! One of the many images people at the Landlord Association of the Dubuque shared. Some more crazy ones below: sue_residence 03/13/10 0
Make it a Laundry Day:  Full service, just for $5 per Load! Here is a choice option that you as a busy professional may like to hear about.  Sue Residence with the help of Maria, has implemented a full service laundry program for busy tenants like you.  Especially those living at 1020 University Ave, we offer a complimentary laundry service at $5.00… sue_residence 03/11/10 0
Getting Started: Sue Residece as your Home Away from Home. Thank you for choosing Sue Residence as your Home Away from Home! This entry contains helpful resources to get you started with living in Dubuque and the Dubuque Community. Apartment Maintenancel Support: All apartment maintenance support is handled through on our site manager, Robert. Robert will respond to issues raised… sue_residence 03/10/10 0