Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is a Moving Season: Fear of Landlords Heightens

It is inevitable that there always exist perception gaps between what tenants expect of landlord and the vice verse.  From landlords’ point of view, the most challenging aspect of running apartment rental business is the relationship management with tenants.  People of all walks of life drops by and landlords hope to welcome those strangers who can stay peacefully without much problem.  Just as equally, landlords hope to go through the transition of tenant’s moving out experience as painlessly as possible. But once in a while, we get some tenants who leave us wondering why things happen and end in this way: I mean the trashing of apartments and disappearance into the darkness, leaving us to sort things out alone and bring a renewed urgency of order.  It can be some kind of experience for a newly initiated landlord.  Following are some pictures that I have collected over a period of one year.  Just a food for thought and be prepared mentally in time of moving season. 


<End in Peace———————————————


———————————————End in Peace> 

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