Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Started: Sue Residece as your Home Away from Home.

Thank you for choosing Sue Residence as your Home Away from Home! This entry contains helpful resources to get you started with living in Dubuque and the Dubuque Community.

Apartment Maintenancel Support:

All apartment maintenance support is handled through on our site manager, Robert. Robert will respond to issues raised in a timely manner. Please contact him by scheduling an appointment.

Learning resources:

Coming Soon!Getting Started Guide To Dubuque
Coming Soon!What it means to be a good tenant for Landlord

Additional References:

Coming Soon!Dubuque City Guide
Coming Soon!Faq
If you need to have your apartment cleaned and refreshed, please consider our Maria’s Magic Clean Maid Service. You can also place a request on our Inquiry & Request if you prefer to communicate the needs first.
Love Sue Residence Apartment Living?  Help spread the word and accumulate some benefits with our Rewards Coupons. Please call Robert at (563)513-3700 for details.

See you on the Sue Residence Site,

Sue Residence Team

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