Monday, April 05, 2010

Tamale and Zongzi


This evening as a part of Easter holiday,  Maria of Maria and Isabel Housekeeping Service, gave me some Mexican food called Tamale to try.  When I saw it,  I was so struck by the look of it, and it immediately conjured in me an image of Zongzi that we eat during Duanwu Festival that falls on the fifth of May on Chinese calendar (And about Zongzi in Chinese here. )

Having a background in the study of anthropology, I sensed that the tamali is an ritual food item, made and shared among the family or members of a community, just like the Chinese counterpart. I also learned that the making of Tamale goes back to several thousand years to the native American culture with whom I feel we share a lots of cultural similarity, for instance, of paying respect to family ancestors and nature.

What a small world.

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